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Noted is a simple dApp for composing and organizing text notes in MainframeOS
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Noted is a simple dApp for composing and organizing text notes in MainframeOS

Build/run instructions

Clone this repo, install dependencies, and build the project

    $ git clone
    $ cd noted
    $ yarn
    $ yarn build

Open in Mainframe OS

  • Install Mainframe OS (from binaries or by building from source)
  • In Mainframe OS, go to More > App Development Tool, create your Developer Identity, and click Add to add this app to Mainframe OS. Add the /build directory as the content path.
  • Click Open button to run the pre-built version of the app in a Mainframe OS window.

Run/debug development version

To run a development version of the app from localhost, in this app directory run

yarn start

Then in the app window running in Mainframe OS, click the content path field at the top of the address bar and change it to be http://localhost:3000.

Note: Apps that import the Mainframe SDK cannot be run in an external browser. If you try to open your new dapp in a standard browser (e.g. Chrome), you will get the following error: Error: Cannot find expected mainframe client instance. Dapps that integrate with the Mainframe SDK can only be opened in Mainframe OS.

Link to development version of Mainframe SDK

  • Build Mainframe OS from source
  • Inside the mainframe-os project, at the /packages/sdk directory, run yarn link.
  • Run the mainframe launcher program with yarn run dev and follow the setup instructions.
  • Inside the root of this project, run yarn link @mainframe/sdk.
  • Build the app with yarn build.
  • Run app in Mainframe OS

Instantiate new MainframeSDK object

In App.js:

state: State = {
mf: new MainframeSDK()

Get Notes from decentralized storage

In App.js getNotes():'stringifiedNotes')

Save Notes to decentralized storage
          notes: this.state.notes,
          archive: this.state.archive,
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