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Commits on Nov 30, 2019
  1. Version 00110

    Maingron committed Nov 30, 2019
    ### Core / Various
        - Replaced some PNGs with SVGs
        - Changed the MainOS Logo
        - Changed old version type(mainos.versionlt) id to 0CC, where it will stay from now on. Will be removed entirely soon
        - Removed dir and lang from html in index.html
        - Code optimisations in index.html
        - Removed all traces of the Midi engine
        - IOFS: Code optimisations
        - IOFS Generator: Optimisations
        - TTS: Code optimisations
        - Removed unused progreg.js and progreg.min.js
        - Removed unused helper.js and helper.css
        - Moved from normal style.css to style.scss
        - Added helper.css
        - Added helper.js - Developers are supposed to include it into their programs
        - Added Darkmode v2, which currently automatically switches to darkmode, if your host system is set to use darkmode and your browser supports it
        - Added variables --font --themecolor --black --black2 --black3 --black4 --black5 --hovercolor --hovercolornontransparent --beige --beige2 --beige3 --beige4 --altbarheight --altbarcolor to helper.css
        - Decided to switch from blueish hover colors to a uniformly orange color
        - Added setting 'hovercolor' and 'hovercolornontransparent'
        - Dropped support for Internet Explorer entirely
    ### Explorer
        - Updated image paths
        - Code optimisations
        - 'closed' Details in sidebar
        - Added helper.js
        - Added Darkmode v2
        - Removed sidebar on the left side because it did not bring any functionality
        - Code cleanup
        - Some improvements to CSS
    ### Desktop
        - Changed to --hovercolor as the hover color
        - Changed the style for the link to the project website
    ### Startmenu
        - Code optimisations
        - Switched to style.css from style.min.css
        - Added Darkmode v2
        - Removed support for Darkmode v1
    ### CMD
        - Code optimisations
    ### Notepad
        - Code optimisations
        - CSS improvements
        - Added helper.js and so Darkmode v2
    ### Settings
        - Added Setting for Darkmode v2
        - Added Darkmode v2
        - Added Setting for Hover Color and Hover Color (Non Transparent variant)
    ### Hype Chat
        - Added helper.js
        - Removed unnecessary CSS to make Darkmode v2 work
    ### Soft Excel
        - Added helper.js and Darkmode v2
        - Added Altbar
        - Improved column 'generation'
        - Minor CSS improvements
        - Removed Easter Eggs
    ### Paint
        - Added helper.js
        - Added Darkmode v2
        - Changed Lightmode design
        - Added Altbar
    ### Paint32x32
        - Switched to script.js and style.css from script.min.js and style.min.js
        - Added helper.js
        - Added Darkmode v2
        - Changed Lightmode design
        - Added Altbar
    ### Simple Cookieclicker
        - Added helper.js and so Darkmode v2
        - Slightly changed CSS to make Darkmode work properly
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