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Creating your first program

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To get started making a new program, you need to pull the MainOS repository and you probably need a webserver. I recommend Prepros for this. Although MainOS doesn't require you to run PHP or anything like it, because of security policies in browsers, MainOS cannot run without a webserver.

So after you are now successfully hosting your MainOS version locally, you need to go to the actual MainOS files on your harddrive and navigate to Program Files/ and create a folder for your program. In future, you'll be able to just copy the template. In your program folder, you need the following files:

  • exec.html
  • exec.css
  • exec.js


You need to build a normal HTML structure and import the following files like that:

<link rel="stylesheet" href="../../helper.css">
<script src="../../helper.js"></script>

helper.css will help to provide an unique UI to the user, helper.js will do the same with UX, except you get access to useful functions and you should implement them.


This is the stylesheet for your program. You could name it differently, but it's suggested to name it exec.css.


This is your programs JavaScript. Like the exec.css, it could also be named differently.

To view the program in MainOS, you have to "install" it.

installing your program

Within MainOS, edit C:/mainos/customprograms.txt and enter the information for your program. Example:

"hansprogram": {
  "id": "hansprogram",
  "title": "The Program of Hans",
  "src": "program%20files/hans/exec.html",
  "icon": "program%20files/hans/icon.svg"

After that, restart MainOS and your program should appear on your desktop.


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