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Samples for Draftjs
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Draft-js samples

visit site

Draft-js is a rich text editor APi created by facebook This application shows different aspects of the Draft-js API and some of the ways you can use it.

Official Draft-js site

meet up video

The Intent is to provide a tool that will quickly but gently bring someone up to speed everything Draft-js related

Navigating the menu on the left hand side from top to bottom will ensure you cover each topic in a gradient of complexity. This will ensure that by the time you get to using complex decorators you have covered all the fundamentals. Thereafter it may provide as a convenient reference

This is a work in progress so please put in a pull request if you feel an improvement can be made

This is a typescript project however, if you are using babel with ES6 you will find modifying the code and removing the typing’s to be trivial

note... This is a typescript project however, draft-js typings have been temporarily removed due to waiting for upgrade typings to 0.10


  • in-line styles
  • key board events
  • css cleanup
  • complete documentation
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