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Nette Framework DI extension for injecting services into services' properties
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Service injects for Nette 2.1+

Nette Framework DI extension for injecting services into other services' properties.


Writing constructor/setter injection is sometimes annoyingand while developing, it may eat a lot of time. Also it is simpler to not bother with explicit injection as long as it is not needed (e.g. in small application, not public project etc.).


  • PHP 5.3.1 or newer
  • Nette 2.1 or newer


  1. Add "majkl578/nette-injects-extension" to your dependencies in composer.json. Don't forget to run composer update.

  2. Register this DI extension as last one in your configuration file in extensions section

    injects: Majkl578\NetteAddons\Injects\DI\Extension\InjectsExtension
  3. Delete cache.

You're done. ;)


All types of instance properties are supported - public, protected as well as private. You can also inject a set of classes of a type, e.g. all implementers of an interface. Also works well with namespaced code and uses.

class Foo
	 * @inject
	 * @var Foo
	public $foo;

	 * @inject
	 * @var Bar
	protected $bar;

	 * @inject
	 * @var Baz
	private $baz;

	 * @inject
	 * @var IWatcher[]
	 protected $watchers;


In case of any problems, just leave an issue here on GitHub (or, better, send a pull request).

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