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__date__ ="$31-Oct-2010 09:42:52$"
from MySQLdb import *
from itemtypes import TYPES
DB = connect(user="root", db="3store")
def choose_owners(num=10):
c = DB.cursor()
c.execute("""SELECT DISTINCT Owner.ownerid FROM Owner
LEFT JOIN Item ON Owner.ownerid = Item.ownerid
GROUP BY Owner.ownerid
ORDER BY COUNT(itemid) DESC LIMIT %d""" % num)
return [str(o[0]) for o in c.fetchall()]
def get_data_3store(owners):
c = DB.cursor()
c.execute("""SELECT Item.itemid, Item.type, ownerid, predicate, value
FROM Item LEFT JOIN ItemDetails ON Item.itemid = ItemDetails.itemid
WHERE Item.Ownerid IN (%s)""" % ', '.join(owners))
data = {}
for row in c.fetchall():
itemid, type, ownerid, key, val = row
if not key in TYPES[type]:
if not str(ownerid) in data:
data[str(ownerid)] = {}
if not str(itemid) in data[str(ownerid)]:
data[str(ownerid)][str(itemid)] = {}
data[str(ownerid)][str(itemid)]['TYPE'] = type
data[str(ownerid)][str(itemid)][key] = val
return data
def get_data_rel(owners):
c = DB.cursor()
c.execute("""SELECT Item.itemid, type FROM Item WHERE Item.Ownerid IN (%s)""" % ', '.join(owners))
items = {}
for row in c.fetchall():
itemid, type = row
if not type in items:
items[type] = []
data = {}
for type in items:
keys = TYPES[type].keys()
c = DB.cursor()
c.execute('SELECT Item.itemid, ownerid, %s FROM Item LEFT JOIN %s ON Item.itemid = %s.itemid WHERE Item.itemid IN (%s)' %
(', '.join(keys), type, type, ', '.join([str(x) for x in items[type]])))
for row in c.fetchall():
itemid = row[0]
ownerid = row[1]
if not str(ownerid) in data:
data[str(ownerid)] = {}
data[str(ownerid)][str(itemid)] = dict([(keys[i], row[i + 2]) for i in xrange(0, len(keys))])
data[str(ownerid)][str(itemid)]['TYPE'] = type
return data
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