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Co-authored-by: Ming Tsai <>

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A collection of ideas and projects that contain from beginner to advance :octocat: πŸŽ―πŸš€

Categories ✨

Contribution Guidelines

  1. Fork the project
  2. Modify the file ideas.json or projects.json
  3. Add your idea or project to the list as below structure, for more description of json click here
        "name": "",
        "display": "",
        "description": "",
        "author": "",
        "category": "",
        "level": "",
        "site": "",
        "tags": ""
        "title": "",
        "description": "",
        "level": "",
        "tags": ""
  1. Create a pull request to main

Json's descriptions

Project structure

Attribute name Description
name Your repo name on github
display The project display name
description The description for your project
author Your github's username
category Project category, ex: game, iot, ml, ai, console app, or website
level The difficulty of the project, ex: basic, intermediate, advanced
site Website URL; Leave an empty string if unavailable
tags Project tags

Idea structure

Attribute name Description
title The idea title
description The description of what the developer should do
level The difficulty of the idea to programming it, ex: basic, intermediate, advanced
tags Idea Tags. NOTE: the first tag will be use by search the project