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⚔️ Markdown Dungeon ⚔️

A dungeon is a place or prison where people are held. Usually, they can be found underground

This is an example repo illustration of a dungeon using Markdown on GitHub. In the dungeon the reader chooses which option to take and jumps into an appropriate page of the room that is based on their choice. It is collaborative because the room is written by many authors.

Start a new game

📥 Installation

You need to install yarn.

  1. Clone the repo
git clone
  1. Go to the folder
cd markdown-dungeon
  1. Run install dependency
  1. Create a .env.development file in the project root folder and copy the format of .env.example file.
  2. To start the development server run:
yarn start

Ensure you are not using PowerShell

  1. 🎉 Open your browser and go to http://localhost:8000/ or http://localhost:8000/___graphql

👷‍♂️ Floor and the room format

A floor is a folder and each floor is a collection of rooms and every room is a Markdown file. The Markdown capability links are used for up/down and to go to another room, like the example below.

Go to Github dungeon

[Go to Github dungeon](

👩‍💻 Contribution Guidelines

1. 📐 Make Adequately Sized Changes

  • Keep changes small
  • Don't add an option without adding any gate for readers who decide on that option, so that the dungeon will not be full of dead links. Instead, the last markdown file the reader reaches on any path of the room should not have any options.

Here are some examples of appropriate changes:

  • Add one or two sentences to an existing "page" (file) in the room.
  • Add a new option to an existing choice point, and link that option to an existing "room" or "floor".
  • Add a new option to an existing choice point, create a new "page" for that option, and add a sentence or two to the new "page".
  • Add a couple of options to a current dead-end "page", and add a "page" or link to an existing "page" for each option.

2. Dungeon Structure

Structure should be dungeon-name/floor-number/room-number, please see the definitions below for each variable:

  • dungeon-name: is a folder that contains floor number, should separate words with a dash(-), is alphanumeric. Example: normal-dungeon-1.
  • floor-number: is a folder that contains room number, is numeric do not add 0 before the number.
1, 2, 3 // Compliance

01, 02, A3 // Non-Compliance
  • room-number: is a markdown file, the name of the file should be in numeric, but if has sub-rooms of the room you could separate the room number with a dash(-), the sub room could be alphanumeric.
1, 2, 3-AF, 3-01 // Compliance

01A, 02*A3, A3+F // Non-Compliance

Folder or file name only accept all ASCII characters and the dash(-).

If you created a new dungeon please add in Start a new game, add it on images folder, and in the dungeon-info.json, so the reader can go to your dungeon and open it on the website

If you want to get an idea of which option leads to what when contributing, look for decision_tree.png file under any dungeon folder, which contains a graphical view of that dungeon.

3. 🔗 Use Relative Links

The links in this file must be relative links to continue working if the repository is forked.

4. 📏 Line Lengths

Keep all lines 120 characters or less. Otherwise, the raw files will be difficult to read in the browser or on the command line, and the changes will be more difficult to review.

5. 🪓 Blank Lines Between Options

Insert blank lines between the different options so that the options are visually separated.

📝 License