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MAXIMITE single board computer with TFT
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SOURCE Touch routines #4.4b1 Feb 5, 2014
Input-Output Pins.emf TFT Maximite V4.4A Oct 1, 2013
Pinout.xls typo Apr 23, 2014
TFT MM Bestückung.pdf
TFT MM Dimensions 1_4.pdf
TFT MM Dimensions.pdf
TFT MM PartsList.txt
TFT MM Schaltplan 1_4.pdf new schematic Aug 13, 2014
TFT MM Schaltplan.pdf
TFT MM Silk 1_4.pdf
TFT MM Silk.pdf
TFT Maximite Manual.doc first commit Oct 15, 2013
TFT Maximite Manual.pdf
TFT_Maximite_plus_bootloader_V44B.hex new ver 4.4b1 Jan 30, 2014

c't TFT Maximite

BASIC panel computer with TFT touchscreen based on PIC32MX695 microcontroller

MMBASIC and Colour Maximite design (c) by Geoff Graham
TFT Maximite schematics, board layout artwork and TFT touch functions (c) by Carsten Meyer and c't magazine (


TFT MM Schaltplan 1_4.pdf Schematics for hardware revision #1.4
TFT MM Silk 1_4.pdf Component placement silk screen print for hardware revision #1.4
TFT MM Dimensions 1_4.pdf Board and connector dimensions drawing for hardware revision #1.4

  • Correct pin assignment for all MMBASIC Pins on PL6 (Pin 20 bug fixed)
  • Additional I/O pins available on PL9: D4 to D13, A4, A5 and unfiltered PWM signals
  • Modification of vertical sync circuit for flicker-free display (R23, D3)
  • Higher voltage for D5 zener, does not limit display brightness anymore
  • Relocated PL12 for optional connector/SD slot break-out board
  • Current firmware version 4.4b1 will run on TFT Maximite #1.4 without change

Firmware History

  • 4.4B1 Added touch commands:
    • TOUCH DISABLE(item) and TOUCH ENABLE(item) to temporarily enable or disable a touch item
    • TOUCH REMOVE(item) changed, will now also erase item from screen to current background color
  • 4.4B Officially released by Geoff Graham
  • 4.4A initial TFT firmware version on Segor kit, hardware #1.3


TFT_Maximite.hex Firmware HEX file with MMBASIC 4.4A, to be used with bootloader
TFT MM PartsList.txt Parts list
TFT MM Dimensions.pdf Board and connector dimensions drawing
TFT MM Silk.pdf Component placement silk screen print
TFT MM Schaltplan.pdf Schematic
TFT Maximite Manual.pdf Documentation to MMBASIC's new TOUCH functions and commands
TFT Maximite Manual.pdf Documentation to MMBASIC's new TOUCH functions and commands
wordfile_mm.txt MMBASIC Wordfile for UltraEdit syntax highlighting

TFT_Maximite_xxx.hex latest firmware build (current: 4.4B1), to be uploaded with Maximite bootloader. TFT_Maximite_plus_bootloader_44B.hex initial TFT firmware version, includes Maximite bootloader, to be flashed with PicKit3 or similar programmer to virgin or corrupted PIC32


DEMO_BAS contains several MMBASIC programs for demonstration of touch functions and commands. Copy to SD-card and run from BASIC prompt (AUTORUN with file select utility will start automatically)
SOURCE Contains source files for those who want to modify the BASIC interpreter or add own BASIC commands. You also need the sources from Geoff Graham (see below). Not needed for the rest of us.

Useful Links TFT Maximite pre-assembled kit from Segor, 2 versions available with 4.3" and 5" TFT MMBASIC Homepage with documentation Original Maximite homepage, links to serial USB driver, utilities and application software TFT Maximirte support page from Geoff Graham, with most recent firmware updates MMedit, Uploader and editor for MMBASIC sources, also applicable for TFT Maximite GC Color Maximite 2 with MMIDE utility, also applicable for TFT Maximite


Touch calibration may not work if real time clock is not set or clock battery removed. Before using TOUCH CALIBRATE, please insert 3V CR2032 battery and set time and date with commands TIME$="xx:xx" and DATE$="xx-xx-xxxx".

Due to layout quirk, MMBASIC Pin 20 is not usable (should be connected to PIC32 Pin 17 instead of Pin 11). Fixed with hardware revision 1.4

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