Instruction for xy-plotter, learn more from Makeblock official website
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The package consists of the software(Arduino firmware and GRemote), structure assembly instruction and program instruction.

###Brief Procedure

  1. Download and install Arduino-1.0.5,

  2. Download the software package and decompress it,

  3. Connect Me baseboard to computer with micro USB cable.

  4. Open GCodepraser->GCodeParser.ino by Arduino IDE. Click Tools->Serial Ports, choose COM XX (Not COM1 and COM2). Click Tools->Boards, choose Arduino Leonardo. At last, click "upload" button on the right-top corner. alt text

  5. Close Arduino IDE, open GRemoteFull->GRemote.bat.

  6. Set the COM port, then GRemote will show you the UI as follows. That all for this part. alt text

  7. Now, you could control the XY-Plotter 2.0 by mouse and keyboard. And, you can also run it with Gcode. You could generate Gcode file by another software (dxf2gcode( or any other capable). You should save the Gcode file with .cnc and open it by GRemote.

For more details, please refer to the software instruction.

###How to DIY

If you want change the source code, you could find it in GRemotFull/source/GRemote.pde.

  1. Download and install Processing-2.1.2.
  2. Install the Processing library, controlP5 -- copy the whole folder to C:\Users\xxx\Documents\Processing\libraries
  3. Open the GRemote.pde by Processing, DIY the code and click the “run” button to test it.

![alt text](images/XY Plotter 2.0.jpg "Makeblock XY Plotter 2.0")

###Learn more from Makeblock official website: