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DIP Trace
GBR and Drill
Draft Design schematics.pdf
Draft Design.pdf
PCB boards ready to snap.jpg
PCB photos with notes.jpg


Bill of Materials

Component Quantity Link
Arduino Pro Mini 3.3V 1 https://goo.gl/s1k4pC
LoNet 808 Seeed (incl. GPS + Phone antenna) 1 https://goo.gl/HKax1F
Adapter board (custom made) 1
Battery 18650 (2900mAh) 1 https://goo.gl/kCkjYg
Local Mobile SIM card 1
Battery Wires, 15cm red and black 1
Coconut shell from drinks 1
Wax for Insulating electronics 1
Cork chips 1
Rubber Band from bicycle tyres 1
"Dog Tag" in Aluminium with serial number and details to return device 1 https://goo.gl/YjCnZq

This is how the different boards look like front and back

Gerber file Gerber file Gerber file Gerber file Gerber file

Comments for manufacturing the kit with Seeed Studio

LoNet 808

  • LoNET 808 should come come with GPS and Phone antenna, does it?
  • Header connector pins should be attached, can it be?
  • LoNET 808 Power LED can be low power / skipped as it drains battery

Gerber file

Comments for manufacturing PCBs

  • PCBs to soldered
  • PCBs to be Eco / Recycled PCBs / wood PCB

Comments for sourcing batteries

  • Battery 3000 mA/h, type: 18650, ideally Panasonic and cheap
  • Can you make sure the batteries are 100% charged?
  • Solder wires to the batteries (15cm) with connector mounted

Comments for sourcing battery charger

  • We need to charge 110 devices over 11 events. If we can charge 6 batteries at the time: great.

Ask about

  • Availabilites?
  • Timeline?
  • Bulk pricing?
  • Overall budget?