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The MakerGear Prusa Mendel files
Latest commit aa27ecf Feb 23, 2013 @MakerGear Prusa Y-stage in .dxf format, for 5mm material.
Cut out of 5mm thick material ("1/4 inch" plywood, for instance).
Rectangle thickness will need to be tweaked for thicker or thinner
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688 Pulley V2.stl
Prusa Y-Stage 5mm material.dxf Prusa Y-stage in .dxf format, for 5mm material. Feb 23, 2013
bowden motor mount.scad
brut filament bowden drive.scad
endstop-holder v2.scad
endstop-holder v3 adj.stl
filament drive v2 b.stl
filament drive v2 e.stl
gearstruderbnoextruder.stl original brut from heekscad Aug 18, 2011
thick idler.stl
x groovemount 3.dxf
x-carriage_mg v2.stl
x-end-idler bushing v2.stl
x-end-motor bushing v2b.stl
xl gear 10 proto 3.stl


The parts in the MakerGear Prusa Github are licensed under GNU GPL v3 (same as the standard prusa mendel license)
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