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Latest commit d481083 Jan 5, 2017 @sharpk sharpk visa: update to 15.5
This version fixes some issues with VISA writes to cdc-acm devices.



This layer adds recipes for LabVIEW and other National Instruments software. 
This software is largely distributed as pre-built binaries, and are provided 
under the NI Maker Software License Agreement.

The Yocto meta-data (recipe files, etc.) is provided under the MIT license 
(see COPYING.MIT), while any other software is provided under the terms of its 
own license.

These recipes will not build by default. In order to build them you need to
enable "National_Instruments_Software_License_Agreement" license by adding 
this line in your local.conf:

LICENSE_FLAGS_WHITELIST += "national-instruments"

A sample local.conf and bblayers.conf is supplied in conf directory.

LabVIEWMakerHub Administrator <>