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Book with workshop tutorials for first Makerland :)
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Makerland book

This is a repo containing first Makerland Tutorials book and resouces to build it.

The book is written in Markdown and converted to PDF using Pandoc.

What's in this repo?

You should see two folders here:

  • content - this is the book content. If you want to edit the content of the book - images or text, go here. It contains Markdown and image files.
  • templates - these are latex templates used by Pandoc to design PDF files generated from Markdown.

Generating books


First, you need to install this:


Fonts are included here, but make sure you have them too:

  • Bebas
  • Minion Pro

Building the book

There are two ways of builing a book:

  • Print version: run make makerland_print in your terminal
  • PDF version: run make makerland_pdf

You can also build just one tutorial, by running this:

  • Print version: run make [tutorial]_print in your terminal (for example make pythonruby print)
  • PDF version: run make [tutorial_pdf

Yay! Your book should now be ready in build folder.


Creative Commons Attribution NonCommercial ShareAlike (CC-NC-SA)

Read more:

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