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SharePoint Rich Text Editor jQuery Plugin
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SharePoint Rich Text Editor jQuery Plugin

Matthew Stark / Making Things Work

Loads the SharePoint RTE onto a page using JavaScript. Plugin works on both Office 365 and On-Premises versions of SharePoint.

Tested on:

  • Office 365
  • SharePoint 2013, SharePoint 2016
  • jQuery 2.1.4

##Loading Plugin:

  1. Reference jQuery and the jQuery.spHtmlEditor JavaScript files:
<script src="" ></script>

<script src="/SiteAssets/jQuery.spHtmlEditor.js" ></script>;
  1. Insert HTML Element to host the RTE content:
<div id="rteeditor"><p>RTE Content</p></div>
  1. Load the Rich Text Area after page has loaded (ensure init.js & SP.js are referenced on the page):
(function($) {
      $(function() {

##Supported options:

noContentHtml: The HTML to be displayed if there is no content in the RTE. Default: "<span>Click here to Edit</span>"

callback: Method that is called when the form is submitted. Default empty method.

className: Class name to append to the editor container. Default empty string.

version: o365/onprem - text value indicating platform target "o365" or "onprem". Default "o365".

method: add/remove/sethtml/gethtml - indicates the method to execute. Default "add". See more below

prefixStylesheet: The CSS prefix for styles to be included in the ribbon. Default null which renders "ms-rte" styles.

prefixStylesheetUrl: Path to custom CSS file containing branding styles to be included in the ribbon. Must contain prefixStylesheet classes. Default: null;

##Supported Methods:

add: Initialize the spHtmlEditor within rteeditor HTML element.

  version: "onprem",
  callback: function (html, id, webPart, webPartId) { alert("Processing"); },
  className: "my-js-rte",
  prefixStylesheet: "my-rte",
  prefixStylesheetUrl: "\u002fStyle Library\u002f<my-rte-customstylesheet>.css"

remove: Remove the spHtmlEditor from the HTML element (this will execute the callback function).

$("#rteeditor").spHtmlEditor({method: "remove"});

sethtml: Set the HTML within the spHtmlEditor:

$("#rteeditor").spHtmlEditor({method: "sethtml", html: "<p>New HTML Content</p>"});

gethtml: retrieve HTML from the first spHtmlEditor in selector.

$("#rteeditor").spHtmlEditor({method: "gethtml"});
//or use shorthand

##Further Reading Initial Release:

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