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DXX-Rebirth Tracker

This is a simple tracker for DXX-Rebirth written in React and Node.js.

Running Locally

Install nodejs through your package manager, or by downloading it from: (Use LTS version 20.x)

Install pnpm by running the following in a terminal (you may need sudo if you get permission errors):

corepack enable
corepack prepare pnpm@latest --activate

Then from the root of the tracker project run:

pnpm install
pnpm dev

You can then browse to the frontend at http://localhost:5173

If using VS Code, you can start a debug session of both the frontend and backend by going to Run and Debug on the left sidebar, and running the Debug Both configuration. This will open a Chrome browser window for the frontend, and run the backend in the VS Code terminal (note: the backend will take a bit to compile, so when the frontend first loads it will show the backend as being down).

Packet Information

The tracker expects to receive packets in the following format: <OPCODE><PARAMETERS>, where <OPCODE> is an integer and <PARAMETERS> is a string of game information.

The game information string is in the format a=IP/PORT,b=HEADER,c=ID,z=BLOB. The key a is reserved for the IP/Port information and is in the format a= The key b is reserved for the header and is a string in any format set by the client. The key c is reserved for the ID of the game set by the tracker and is of type short. The key z is reserved for the game info blob and must be the last key of the string.

The opcodes are as follows:

21: Register a game with the tracker. The format is 21b=HEADER,z=BLOB. Whenever the tracker recieves another info packet from the same IP address & port, it will update the currently hosted game.

22: Remove a game from the tracker. (The host only needs to send the opcode).

23: Retrieve a list of games. The format is23HEADER (You do not need to pass the b= because it is assumed). This will send each game in its own packet formatted as a string (as shown below).

24: Game list sent to the client. The format is 24a=IP/PORT,c=ID,z=BLOB. (The b=HEADER is not passed, since only games which match the header received will be sent, and the header would always be the same.)

25: ACK packet. The format is simply the opcode followed by a 0 for internal ACK or a 1 for external ACK.

26: Request/perform a hole-punch. The format received by the tracker is 26ID, and the format sent by the tracker is 26IP/Port. When a client requests a hole-punch, it will send this packet to the tracker with the ID of the game it wants to connect to. The host will receive this packet from the tracker with the IP/PORT of a client it should send packets to.

NOTE: In this README "client" refers to a Rebirth executable attempting to join a game, "host" refers to a Rebirth executable hosting a game, and "tracker" refers to the server running the tracker code.


Simple Tracker for DXX-Rebirth.








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