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Simple PHP Tracker for DXX-Rebirth.
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DXX-Rebirth Tracker

This is a simple tracker for DXX-Rebirth written in PHP.

The tracker consists of 2 primary parts:

  1. The backend, which is contained in the server.php file

  2. The frontend. This is contained in the web directory and is made up of the following:

  3. index.php - The primary webpage

  4. games.php - A script to retrieve the list of games and display them

  5. backend.php - A script to check if the backend is actually running

client.php is included as a test client/host when a Rebirth executable is not available.

To use this tracker, you can set the port at the top of server.php (default is 9999), then run php server.php from the command line.

The tracker expects to receive packets in the following format: <OPCODE><PARAMETERS>, where <OPCODE> is an integer and <PARAMETERS> is a string of game information.

The game information string is in the format a=IP/PORT,b=HEADER,c=ID,z=BLOB. The key a is reserved for the IP/Port information and is in the format a= The key b is reserved for the header and is a string in any format set by the client. The key c is reserved for the ID of the game set by the tracker and is of type short. The key z is reserved for the game info blob and must be the last key of the string.

The opcodes are as follows:

21: Register a game with the tracker. The format is 21b=HEADER,z=BLOB. Whenever the tracker recieves another info packet from the same IP address & port, it will update the currently hosted game.

22: Remove a game from the tracker. (The host only needs to send the opcode).

23: Retrieve a list of games. The format is23HEADER (You do not need to pass the b= because it is assumed). This will send each game in its own packet formatted as a string (as shown below).

24: Game list sent to the client. The format is 24a=IP/PORT,c=ID,z=BLOB. (The b=HEADER is not passed, since only games which match the header received will be sent, and the header would always be the same.)

25: ACK packet. The format is simply the opcode followed by a 0 for internal ACK or a 1 for external ACK.

26: Request/perform a hole-punch. The format received by the tracker is 26ID, and the format sent by the tracker is 26IP/Port. When a client requests a hole-punch, it will send this packet to the tracker with the ID of the game it wants to connect to. The host will receive this packet from the tracker with the IP/PORT of a client it should send packets to.

NOTE: In this README "client" refers to a Rebirth executable attempting to join a game, "host" refers to a Rebirth executable hosting a game, and "tracker" refers to the server running the tracker code.

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