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lslint is a tool to check the syntactic and semantic validity of Second Life LSL scripts.
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lslint is a tool to check the syntactic and semantic validity of Second Life LSL scripts.

Build Status


See Releases for binaries. Latest release resides here.


  • make should be all that's required on POSIX systems, and a solution file exists for VS2015 on Windows.
  • Win flex-bison as well as VS2015 or SDK7.0 or later are required for Windows build. See the comment in NMakefile for detailed instructions.


All code is public domain unless otherwise noted.

LSL scripts are from various sources and the property of their respective owners.

.l and .y files are based on samples provided by Linden Lab.

WARNING: lslint faithfully reproduced all the quirks of the LSL compiler circa ~2006, like having constants as lexer tokens, events as part of the parser grammar, and lots of right recursion. From a compiler perspective, it does everything wrong, and is not recommended as a base for anything but a lint tool.

Additional changes

  • added nmake support (see NMAkefile for details).
  • dropped builtins.txt creator. if you look for new builtins.txt, see kwdb project
  • enabled appending the input file path to the result lines by "-p".
  • Makefile-less VS2015 support (more cpp hybridization was necessary)
    • Side effects includes x86_64 binary, x86 is possible still
  • added Mono mode (-m for Mono(default), -m- for LSO)
  • added option to make the warning on unused event parameters optional (-u to enable, -u- to disable)
  • added option to ignore preprocessor commands (-i)
  • added switch() statement and lazy list support
  • added god mode support
  • added reporting of several errors and warnings
  • numerous bug fixes and enhancements

Special Thanks

  • Strife Onizuka
  • Howie Lament
  • Cory Linden
  • Huns Valen
  • Doran Zemlja / Adam Wozniak

Shout Outs

  • Daniel Linden
  • Bakuzelas Khan
  • One Song
  • Otacon Falcone
  • Shokra Patel
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