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ngx_basic_auth_htaccess enable basic auth for each directories dinamically. It behaves like .htaccess of apache.

You can decide file name to load. implicitly it is .htaccess. ofcouse you can set the filename in configuration file. The grammer of the setting file are same as nginx_basic_auth basic module of nginx. (its built by default.)

The module try to load basic_auth_file from same directory of request uri. If the module couldn't find basic_auth_file, the module will try to find basic_auth_file from parent directory. The module will try to find the basic_auth_file until it will reach to document root directory (it is set by root configuration directive.)


The configuration directive is like nginx_basic_auth module of official module.

Key Description Default
auth_basic_htaccess realm name. any string to be shown to user. NULL
auth_basic_user_file_htaccess file name which will be searched by module. .htaccess


For example, if you want to set basic auth. user hoge and password fuga for the directory /var/www/html/dir1

make htpasswd file.
$ cd /var/ww/html/dir1
$ sudo htpasswd -c .htpasswd hoge
[sudo] password for user:
New password:
Re-type new password:
setup configuration file like below.
location / {
    auth_basic_htaccess           "closed site";
    auth_basic_user_file_htaccess .htpasswd;
protect to be seen by users.
location ~ /\. {
    deny  all;
    access_log off;
    log_not_found off;


Just as ordinal. add --add-module options to configure.

./configure --add-module=/path/to/nginx_basic_auth_htaccess_module
make install
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