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PHP Integration of Monero
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PHP Integration of Monero

With this API it should be easy to integrate XMR payments in any PHP + MySQL/MariaDB platform.


  • Import the xmr_payments.db file into your MySQL or MariaDB database
  • Edit "includes/Monero.php" and set the class variables to your local setup
  • Instantiate a MySQLi instance
  • Instantiate the PHP_Monero class, passing the MySQLi instance as an argument
  • View the examples file. There are two functions that should be called on random page loads or as cron jobs

The code is well documented according to PHPDoc standards and mostly follows PHP-FIG coding guidelines.


XMR: 49RPpNuDuLhayv8yHgVSNhgdvB4Uze3A9euEsBzp3groWssk2eZPEErf6LSDae9smQ78a5CfNmafYdgYnyjTEY6q4EvuPJ1


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