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A set of emacs functions and bindings to google under point.

google-this.el is a package that provides a set of functions and keybindings for launching google searches from within emacs.

The main function is google-this (bound to C-c / g). It does a google search using the currently selected region, or the expression under point. All functions are bound under C-c / prefix, in order to comply with emacs' standards. To see all keybindings type C-c / C-h.

If you don't like this keybind, just reassign the google-this-mode-submap variable. My personal preference is C-x g:

   (global-set-key (kbd "C-x g") 'google-this-mode-submap)

To start a blank search, do google-search (C-c / RET). If you want more control of what "under point" means for the google-this command, there are the google-word, google-symbol, google-line and google-region functions, bound as w, s, l and SPC, respectively.

If a prefix argument is given to any of the functions, the search is wrapped in quotes. (see google-wrap-in-quotes).

There is also a google-error (C-c / e) function. It checks the current error in the compilation buffer, tries to do some parsing (to remove file name, line number, etc), and googles it. It's still experimental, and has only really been tested with gcc error reports.


Install google-this from Melpa, then activate it:

(google-this-mode 1)