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HTML to Markdown converter written in emacs-lisp.
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HTML to Markdown converter written in Emacs-lisp.

This package defines two main functions: html-to-markdown and html-to-markdown-string.

The functions are written entirely in Emacs-lisp (which means they'll work on any platform with no external dependencies), and they convert HTML source code into Markdown format. Of course, HTML has many more features than Markdown, so any tags that can't be converted are left as-is (or deleted, if the user so requests).


To use this package, simply install it from Melpa (M-x package-install RET html-to-markdown) and the relevant functions will be autoloaded.

  • html-to-markdown
    Is meant for interactive use. It takes the current buffer (or region), converts to Markdown, and displays the result in a separate window.

  • html-to-markdown-string
    Is meant for lisp code. It takes a string argument, which is converted to Markdown, and the result is returned.

Both of these functions take an extra boolean argument erase-unknown. If it's non-nil, tags which can't be converted will be erased.

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