Display org properties in the agenda buffer.
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Propertize your org-agenda

Display org properties in the agenda buffer Screenshot

org-agenda-property is a package which displays the properties of an org item beside (or below) the item's title in the agenda buffer. The image above shows it being used to display apointment locations.

Customize the variable org-agenda-property-list to add which properties you which to show.


If you have Melpa configured, just issue

M-x package-install RET org-agenda-property


All variables can be edited by running org-agenda-property-customize (seriously, check it out, they are just a few :-)). The documentations are mostly self explanatory, I list here only the most important two.

  1. org-agenda-property-list:
    This should be a list of all properties you want displayed in the buffer. Default is "LOCATION".

  2. org-agenda-property-position:
    This is where you want the properties to be displayed (besides the title or below the title?).