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In this repository, the benchmark dataset for the Asymmetric and Clustered Vehicle Routing Problem with Simultaneous Pickup and Deliveries, Variable Costs and Forbidden Paths is introduced (AC-VRP-SPDVCFP). This problem is a specific multi-attribute variant of the well-known Vehicle Routing Problem, and it has been originally built for modelling and solving a real-world newspaper distribution problem with recycling policy. The whole benchmark is composed by 15 instances comprised by 50 to 100 nodes. For the design of this dataset, real geographical positions have been used, located in the province of Bizkaia, Spain. A deep description of the benchmark is provided in this paper, aiming at extending the details and experimentation given in:

Eneko Osaba, Xin-She Yang, Fernando Diaz, et al. (2017). A discrete firefly algorithm to solve a rich vehicle routing problem modelling a newspaper distribution system with recycling policy. Soft Computing, 21(18), 5295-5308.


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