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Solarized theme for sddm
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Solarized theme for sddm

This theme is inspired by Numix sddm theme ( by Inti Alonso and the default sddm theme, maui ( Wallpaper was created using inkscape. It also uses some icons from Numix icon theme (shutdown, warning and down arrow icons).
QML files contain license headers.


The aim of this theme is to display a simple yet complete sddm greeter based in solarized palette by Ethan Schoonover (
I use this colors almost everywhere so, why not in the greeter? ;)


This theme relies in Fontawesome font. If you try this, make sure that it is installed in your system. In archlinux this font can be installed from aur:


Stable version


Theme can be installed from solarized-sddm-theme aur package. This package contains the latest stable version.

Other linux distributions

This theme has only been tested in archlinux. Theme should work in other distributions like fedora or ubuntu, though, but use it at your own risk.

For installing in other linux distributions you must get the latest stable version from github (0.1.8 at the moment of writing):

# this command will download and untar the package
wget --no-check-certificate -O - | tar xz

and copy the created theme folder to /usr/share/sddm/themes. Finally, don't forget to change the theme in /etc/sddm.conf.


This theme uses by default Raleway font. If Raleway is not installed default sddm font is used. Raleway can be installed on arch from aur:

Changing font in theme.conf:

If you want to try different fonts, or just use the one you love, or simply setting one really installed in your system you can modify the displayFont field in thetheme.conf file (in the theme folder, usually in /usr/share/sddm/themes/solarized-sddm-theme/ if installed from aur) with your exclusive font selection. For example, to change to Montserrat font:


But be careful, some fonts really don't mix well with the theme.

Screenshot (2019-01-03)


Former backgrounds

With version 0.1.8 a new default background was introduced (ridges). If you prefer the former backgrounds (bars, circles or traces) you can find them in the theme folder as bars_background.png, circles_background.png and traces_background.png. To use any of them change the theme.conf file accordingly:




Known Issues

  1. Multimonitor issues. In some multimonitor configurations it may appear some glitches in the theme. Working on it.


Theme is licensed under GPL.
QML files are MIT licensed.

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