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Code Samurai JavaScript Workshop - NodeJS Created by: Anthony Malgapo With the help of: Luigi Vincent, Jacob Quick, Jonathan Rodriguez, and Rishbh Rana

Thank you for attending the NodeJS Javascript Workshop held on 4/13/17 brought to you by the Code Samurai. Here, you will out find how to download NodeJS, ExpressJS, and get to work on the template pages I've given you!

Link to my Prezi so you can follow along with all the tutorials that I've studied! -

Link to install NodeJS -

How to install ExpressJS Using NPM (Node Package Manager) Within your CLI (Command Line Interface) - - Check if NPM is installed with $ npm -v (checking its version) If the version comes up, continue to installing ExpressJS via NPM with $ npm install express (You can also install ExpressJS GLOBALLY to be used within different NodeJS applications using $ npm install -g express) (I still recommend testing non-globally first)

After these installations are complete, you can continue to study and research the app.js template I've given you! Start by testing if the app works by running it with $ node app.js

Hopefully, you will be running your server and webpage locally and start on your own portfolios! Good luck and thank you again for coming out!

-Anthony Malgapo


Code Samurai meet: April 12th, 2017 - 3:30PM






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