Better debugging for Javascript with tags
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Better debugging for Javascript with tags

Why :

To debug complex applications, you need some little things : 1. Tags to see what is logging 2. Some debug boolean to activate/unactivate levels of logging

How to :

  1. Insert the debug object in your code (this lib is require.js-friendly).
  2. Change the config to enable/disable some things
    this.logs = true; // Classic logs
    this.warns = true; // Warns, they appear with a warning sign in chrome
    this.errors = true; // Red stuff. That's for bad stuff. Mostly.
  1. Log things
    debug.log("tag", "stuff", [1, 2, 3], {"test" : "hi"});
    debug.warn("tag", "O HAI");
    debug.error("tag", "Look, I'm an error.");

Oh and here's a screenshot :

Other stuff :

If you don't put any tag, it will show as "[UNTAGGED] : "

I think there is some color stuff possible with the console. If anyone wants to add these features... :)