Guard::GitScribe automatically rebuilds your git-scribe ebooks
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Guard support for git-scribe

  • Step 1: Have a great ebook idea

  • Step 2: ???

  • Step 3: Profit!

Kept awake on those long and lonesome nights, searching your soul for that Step 2? Well search no more, guard-git-scribe is here!

Use Guard (which is awesome) with git-scribe (extremely awesome) to write ebooks, and hit like six fewer keys every time you want to see your content in a browser.


Hanging out in your git-scribe ebook’s directory? Great, you’re good to go! Get your Gemfile dressed:

# Gemfile
source :rubygems
gem "git-scribe"
gem "guard"
gem "guard-git-scribe"

and ready for success:

$ bundle install

then get your Guardfile gussied up:

# Guardfile
guard 'git-scribe' do
  watch (%r{book/})

and hit the town!

$ bundle exec guard
Guard is now watching at '/Users/jason/sweet_sweet_ebook'
git-scribe is waiting for book changes...

I like to just rebuild the site target, so catch your sweet sweet prose in output/index.html. Do you use something else? Pull req me.