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Maloney's Selections from the Latin Fathers

This is a digitized and corrected version of Edward Maloney's Selections from the Latin Fathers.

The Source

This book is in the public domain, and had already scanned and digitized the work. You can find their copy of this work here, and their digitization was the basis for all of this. This corrected version of their digitization is therefore also in the public domain.

My Plans

First of all, my goal is to create a corrected digital copy of this work. The scan that did is good, but there are many errors (as you would probably expect from OCR output) and I've already made a large number of corrections. So far I have corrected the frontmatter and the Latin texts of the work. The notes section of the book and the vocabulary in the back are both uncorrected. Once I've done this, I've done something useful and can stop.

On top of this, I am considering increasing the number of notes and reorganizing the material. Right now the notes and the vocaulary are separate from the text itself, so I am considering combining them to a more reader-style format. I am also considering creating a print-on-demand version because some people (like myself) prefer reading from printed books. But we will see.


If you find things to correct, pull requests or issues detailing them are welcome. But since only the frontmatter and text portions have been corrected, please don't open issues for the other sections. I am fully aware of the issues there. Pull requests to fix that stuff, though, are welcome!


  1. Frontmatter (corrected)
  2. Texts (corrected)
  3. Notes
  4. Vocabulary


You can find contact information for me on my website. Or you can open an issue here, I suppose.


A digitized and corrected version of Edward Maloney's Selections from the Latin Fathers.






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