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LainBot Reborn
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LainBot Reborn

LainBot has been reborn. The code is cleaner, the token won't ever be in the code, and now its easy to add images, links, etc.


Make sure to have Python 3 and pip. Install using pip3 install --user discord. Finally, the bot can be ran using python3

Token(and other credentials if used in future)

You must set it without quotation or speechmarks in the config.cfg file. DO NOT SHARE THE TOKEN WITH OTHERS OR UPLOAD IT TO GITHUB, IF YOU DO, IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO REGENERATE YOUR TOKEN. Heed this warning carefully developers.

Information for contributors

  • Contributions should be reviewed before merging to master branch
  • If you're adding new features, consider adding them to one of the already existing categories first before creating your own extension
  • If you create your own extension, take a look at the example extension provided. It would also serve you well to read the documentation on found here
  • Resources in the res folder assume no empty lines. Discord cannot send empty lines.
  • Please keep order of commands roughly equivalent to the order of commands listed in the help resource
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