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staticDimension is a static HTML blogging and publishing platform, written in PHP.


Unpack the files in the tar file into a public folder on your web server.

Make sure that your PHP user has write access to the folder

You will need to edit the files _users.php and _settings.php in the controlPanel/ folder, you'll find detailed instructions in the files themselves.

Visit http://yourwebsite/install.php to complete installation.

By default, the user Admin, password of password (all case sensitive) is created. I strongly recommend that you change this as soon as possible!

Done! Start publishing!

##Upgrading an existing instance If you're upgrading to a newer version of staticDimension, simply extract the archive to a folder somewhere on your server and copy the contents of the controlPanel folder into the controlPanel folder of your installation, articles, pages and uploaded files will remain untouched.

You don't need to run install.php after the first time - if you do, your settings and users will be overwritten with default values.


staticDimension stores articles and pages as text files and uses these files to generate HTML files from templates you provide.

You can use markdown in your writing.

Templates are very simple, staticDimension will simply replace $PAGE_CONTENT with your HTML text and $PAGE_TITLE with the title of the page. Any navigation you need must be built into the templates or page content. staticDimension has a very basic default template - there are 4 template pages: _home.html, _article.html, _page.html, _archive.html. The only one that is mandatory is _home.html. You can also create individual templates for specific pages simply by making a template file with the same name as the page.

More about templates

There are no comments - if you want to use comments, you could use facebook comments or disqus and simply add their code to your template.

You can use external publishing applications such as MarsEdit via the MetaWeblog API. The API endpoint is at:


This feature has been tested with:


There are two choices for creating the archives for your posts. The default format organizes posts by year, month and date.

A new option enables a single-page archive, which lists all posts by title and byline (author, date and time) in reverse order of posting.

You can set the archive format in _settings.php via the singlePageArchive option. A value of 'true' enables single-page archives. Any other value currently uses the default archive format.


I haven't added any formal licensing restrictions to version 1.0, this may change in the future, but to be honest, I'm not convinced they mean a great deal - if people want to steal my code, they will!

I'm happy for anyone to use my code for their own personal use.

A commercial license for staticDimension is £180.

I'm resident in the UK, so that's pounds sterling - contact me and we'll work something out.


Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any further questions.