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Public Nuke Snippits created by Mads Hagbarth Damsbo.


This is a node that can convert RGB into HSP and vice versa. HSP is a colorspace created by Darel Rex Finley, that work much like HSV and HSL with the exception that the luminance is visually percived brightness.

This script is used to reduce the currently selected roto brush strokes to a minimum. Using the Ramer–Douglas–Peucker algorithm, it takes all the unnecessary points of the brush stroke and removes them. Due to the slow nature of the roto.remove function in nuke this takes quite a bit of time on big stroke paths (just so you know)


import BrushReduction

Usage: With the roto node and brush stroke(s) selected hit the desired menu item in the "Roto" menu.

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This nuke script contains a node that can be used to morph between 2 frames of a sequence using Kronos vectors. The node automatically morphs and resumes the normal sequence.