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Camoto: Classic-game Modding Tools
Copyright 2010-2015 Adam Nielsen <>

Camoto is a collection of utilities for editing (modding) "classic games",
those from the early to mid 1990s.

This is Camoto Studio, the "main" part of Camoto which links everything else
together in a nice GUI.  If you are new to Camoto, this is what you want to

The GUI currently supports at least partial editing of these games:

 - Captain Comic
 - Captain Comic II: Fractured Reality
 - Catacomb
 - Catacomb II
 - Cosmo's Cosmic Adventures
 - Crystal Caves
 - Dangerous Dave
 - Dark Ages
 - Doofus
 - Duke Nukem
 - Duke Nukem II
 - God of Thunder
 - Halloween Harry
 - Highway Hunter
 - Hocus Pocus
 - Hugo 1: Hugo's House of Horrors
 - Jill of the Jungle
 - Kiloblaster
 - Major Stryker
 - Monster Bash
 - Mystic Towers
 - Raptor
 - Rockford
 - Scubaventure
 - Secret Agent
 - Solar Winds
 - Trugg
 - Vinyl Goddess From Mars
 - Wacky Wheels
 - Word Rescue
 - Xargon
 - Zone 66

A more detailed list is at <>.

The GUI currently has editors for the following object types:

 - Images
 - 2D Maps (overhead/platformer)
 - Music
 - Tilesets
 - Instruments (MIDI/OPL)

With editors for the following object types planned:

 - Instruments (PCM)
 - Sound effects
 - Plain text (e.g. story)
 - B800 text (e.g. exit screens)

In order to compile this program, you will need the following dependencies:

 - Boost
 - libgamecommon
 - libgamearchive
 - libgamegraphics
 - libgamemaps
 - libgamemusic
 - PortAudio
 - GTK
 - libpng
 - png++ >= 0.2.7 <>

This program and associated source code is released under the GPLv3 license.
It includes the DOSBox OPL synth which is Copyright 2002-2010 The DOSBox Team.

Known issues
Some files are stored within fixed-size archives (for example the levels and
graphics stored in the Dangerous Dave .exe file.)  This means space can't be
made available if they have changed size after being edited.  For some file
formats this won't be a problem (such as levels, which don't change size) but
in the case of DDave, the graphics are compressed.  This means that if
replacement graphics are too complex, they won't fit in the available space.


GUI interface to Camoto, allowing a number of DOS games to be modified




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