Open source clone of the DOS file viewer, List
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Linux List

A Linux clone of Vernon D. Buerg's List file viewer
Copyright 2009-2016 Adam Nielsen

This program is still very early in development, so there is still much to implement before it becomes as useful as the original List.


  • Hex viewer, with full 8-bit CP437 glyphs (UTF8 console required), so that binary files look like they did under DOS.

  • Adjustable byte size. Viewing data as nine-bits per "byte" helps considerably when examining LZW-compressed data. Both big and little endian splitting is supported.

  • Hex view supports hex editing (via byte values and direct text entry)

  • Can seek at the byte level or the bit level, which is useful for tracing algorithms that operate on a stream of bits rather than on bytes.

The utility is compiled and installed in the usual way:

./          # Only if compiling from git
./configure && make
sudo make install

You will need the following prerequisites already installed:

This program is released under the GPLv3 license.

Screenshot of hex view