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Merge pull request #4 from BrandonDusseau/master

Corrected arguments for javac in compile.bat
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MamiyaOtaru committed Aug 5, 2015
2 parents 3607710 + b2031c4 commit 0b1d5ff6bc4062c048645202f5b266f5f1288c2f
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@@ -1,2 +1,3 @@
javac src\anvilmapper\ -sourcepath src bin
mkdir bin
javac src\anvilmapper\ -sourcepath src -d bin

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commented on 0b1d5ff Oct 28, 2015

Hello, my English is very bad, but I want to ask you a question.
I tried to make a map of the entire server a couple of days. And today I was able to run the compiler. In the world folder were created folder z8 and others. But the map in the browser completely black.
Can you help me?

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