RestrictedSites (module for Omeka S) restricts access to the user list setting on the public sites of your choice.
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Module for Omeka S

This module adds a restriction option to the site settings page. Access is then limited to the user list setting on the public sites. Anonymous users are redirected to a standard public-facing login page, without the need to log into admin backend.

Installing / Getting started

Download an unzip in your modules directory. Rename the uncompressed folder to RestrictedSites Log into your admin backend > module and install the RestrictedSites module.


Included features are:

  • Restrict access of public sites to a list of registered users
  • Public-facing login form included in your public site theme
  • Checkbox option in login form to remember the user session
  • Ability to hide features (e.g. search form) from anonymous user


There is no configuration to the module. Once installed, go to your site settings page and check "Restrict access to registered user" to enable the module for a specific site. Then if necessary, edit the user list from the standard Site Users Settings page.

Known issues

None at the moment.


Contributions are welcome. The module is in early development stage and could do with more advanced usage and testing.


Some code and logic based on other Omeka-S modules:


The code in this project is licensed under LGPLv3.