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REST API implementation for WSO2 IS

This is a REST implementation of the WSO2 IS Entitlement Service, done as a part of GSoC 2016

The code is still in early stages, and I would highly appreciate if you could carry out tests and provide feedback / issues / comments on it.

Design and implementation

Design and implementation details of the endpoint is available at


  1. Download the target/wso2-entitlement.war file
  2. Place it in your {IS ROOT}/repository/deployement/server/webapps (Tested for IS 5.2.0)
  3. You can hot deploy the war file as well
  4. Once deployed the WADL definitions for the service can be seen at, https://localhost:9443/wso2-entitlement/entitlement/Decision?_wadl
  5. The service curently support both JSON and XML
  6. TO test various service methods, use the curl requests and json/xml request definitions available under resources/curlTests

Thank you!!