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<?xml version="1.0"?>
Example branding file
With a branding file you can customize the appearance and various
other default settings. To use a branding file just pass its
filename / path as a command line parameter
<option name="appName" value="ManaPlus"/>
<option name="appShort" value="mana"/>
<option name="appIcon" value="icons/manaplus"/>
<option name="loginMusic" value="Magick - Real.ogg"/>
<option name="onlineServerList" value=""/>
<option name="defaultServer" value=""/>
<option name="defaultPort" value="6901"/>
<option name="defaultServerType" value="eathena"/>
<option name="defaultUpdateHost" value=""/>
<option name="font" value="fonts/dejavusans.ttf" />
<option name="boldFont" value="fonts/dejavusans-bold.ttf" />
<option name="theme" value="wood" />