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// Product overrides of Boostrap & Patternfly variables
$screen-lg: 1400px; // add 200px to account for vertical nav
$navbar-pf-navbar-navbar-brand-min-width: 270px;
$navbar-pf-navbar-navbar-brand-padding: 8px 0 2px;
$dropdown-link-hover-bg: #d4edfa; // sets dropdown link hover
$link-color: #0099d3; // sets link (also accordion hover, selected table cell) color globally
$navbar-pf-vertical-border-color: #3c69a3; // sets 3px border color at top of screen
$navbar-pf-alt-bg-color: #3c69a3; // sets background color of navigation bar
$nav-pf-vertical-width: 225px; // sets width of primary navigation
$navbar-pf-alt-navbar-toggle-icon-bar-hover-bg: #fff;
// Product overrides for 'About' Modal
$modal-about-pf-bg-img: "layout/bg-modal-about-pf.png"; // sets background image of 'About' modal
$modal-about-pf-bg-color: #101010; // sets background color of 'About' modal
// Product overrides of Patternfly Login variables
$img-bg-login: "layout/bg-login.png";
$img-bg-login-whitelabel: "/upload/custom_login_logo.png";
$login-bg-color: #101010;
$login-container-bg-color: #000000;
$login-container-bg-color-rgba: rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.2);
$login-container-details-border-color-rgba: rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.5);
.login-pf #brand img { // sets size of brand.svg on login screen (upstream only)
height: 38px !important;
.about-modal-pf .modal-footer img { // sets size of logo in 'About' modal footer
height: 48px !important;
// styling of brand.svg in header (upstream only)
.navbar-brand {
margin-top: 8px !important;
.navbar-brand img {
height: 20px !important;
// styling of custom logo in header
body.login.whitelabel {
background: url($img-bg-login-whitelabel) !important;
background-size: 100% auto !important;
@import "font-fabulous-sprockets";
@import "font-fabulous";
@import "patternfly-sprockets";
@import "patternfly";
@import "patternfly_overrides";
@import "icon_customizations";
@import "header_background"; // sets a custom background image in the header
@import "about_modal_background"; // sets a custom background image in the 'About' modal
@import "alerts";
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