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This is primarily a Jekyll site, with some tools to collect and pre-process documentation from multiple sources.

How To Contribute

In general:

  1. Fork this repo
  2. Create a feature branch
  3. Submit a pull request

The site content has different sources.

Source Overview

Directory Contents
dest where the site is built locally
exe Command line tool (Thor)
lib Ruby code for CLI, processing docs, etc.
site Site content
test Tests for Ruby code

Documentation groups

The documentation for ManageIQ comes from several sources which are continuously improved. Contributions are welcome to each of these, here's where you can help:

Getting started

Docs in the getting started group are part of this repo, find them under site/docs/get-started

User reference

The user reference docs are hosted at

There are two formats that the documentation can be written in:

  • For releases kasparov and newer, they are written in markdown and build like the rest of the project.
  • For releases jansa and prior (legacy), they are written in Asciidoc and organized in AsciiBinder.

But regardless of the format they are sourced as, they are built in a temp directory and copied (rsync) to /site/docs/reference/latest.

API Docs

The API Docs are hosted in the same repo as the User Reference, under the api directory

Developer Guides

These guides describe how to work with and contribute to the source code of ManageIQ itself. They are found in this repo:

Before the Jekyll site is built, YAML front matter is added to each page of the guides, if that page does not already have it.

Currently this is included as a Git submodule.

Automation book

Peter McGowan is working on a book covering the Automation features of ManageIQ. You can find the source for that book here: However, this content is hosted on Gitbook and only linked to from the site.

Working Locally

$ exe/miq

miq build <all|guides|site|reference>   # Build or process an aspect of the site
miq help [COMMAND]                      # Describe available commands or one specific command
miq reset <all|guides|site|reference>   # Reset repo(s) to clean state
miq serve                               # Does Jekyll serve with appropriate args
miq update <all|guides|site|reference>  # Pull changes from origin repos

Working with large images

Images (img) in documents and blog posts should be "responsive" by default, that is their width should not exceed the width of their container. Add the .large_img class to give large images zoomability.

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