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    See https://trello.com/b/UeTqKlp3/manageiq-roadmap General Code Imp…

    See https://trello.com/b/UeTqKlp3/manageiq-roadmap General Code Improvements Improve Test Coverage Improve Test Performance Improve Code via CodeClimate Deduplication Code Extraction All the directories in the high-level lib directory should be extracted to ruby gems When REST API is mature and capable enough Automation Engine should be extracted into separate Rails Engine project UI (most controllers and views) should be extracted into separate Rails Engine project Refactor Job should belong_to Task and UI should ONLY show Task Progress VmOrTemplate and Host should be changed to has_one ComputerSystem common attributes should be extracted from Host and VmOrTemplate models should be fleece-able should be report-able should support policy enforcement on Logging Log messages should be categorized and numbered Log levels should be settable by category (eg database, communication, vmware, events) Cloud Providers OpenStack support Heat Events via Ceilometer Amazon AWS support CloudFormations Microsoft Azure no support yet Virtual Infrastructure Providers VMware oVirt / RHEV Microsoft SCVMM Storage Providers NetApp should be reviewed / re-tested Gluster Hitachi EMC General Features Zone-based Memcache Daemon MiqQueue should transition to industry standard message bus Use Ruby 2.x (currently using Ruby 1.9.3) Use Rails 4.x (currently using Rails 3.2) Use PostgreSQL Clustering for SQL High Availability and Failover Configuration Settings should be specified and enforced at Region/Zone/Appliance/Worker levels (currently at the Appliance Level only) Database Introspection should be reviewed / re-tested System should be introspective should monitor activity should make recommendations add/remove appliance add/remove worker add/remove role should present information in GUI should present information in log periodically