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ManageIQ Documentation

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This repo contains the documentation for


The documentation in this repository is built and deployed using AsciiBinder. If you're new to AsciiBinder, head over there and read up on how to contribute documentation.

Documentation follows a modular-based content model, providing a structure for writing and presenting user-story-based documentation. User-story-based documentation attempts to address the reader's needs more than focusing on feature-based documentation. This is accomplished using a set of templates for concepts, references, procedures and assemblies.

Templates can be found here.

Quick setup

  • Be sure to have Ruby installed with the bundler gem (if you don't have bundler, just run gem install bundler)
  • Clone the manageiq_docs repo.
  • cd into the new manageiq_docs repo directory.
  • bundle install
  • bundle exec ascii_binder - This will build the documentation into the _preview directory
  • open _preview/manageiq/master/welcome/index.html

Alternately, if you want to "live edit" the docs, replace the last two steps with:

  • Install the LiveReload browser extension:
  • bundle exec ascii_binder watch
  • open _preview/manageiq/master/welcome/index.html
  • Go to the open page in the browser and enable the LiveReload extension for that page.
  • Edit the docs. When you save, it will auto-build and then the webpage will reload automatically showing your changes.


For questions or comments about the documentation system, try one of the following:


Creative Commons License

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. See LICENSE.txt.