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Rev B Errata:
SMD N-channel mosfet footprint is wrong, drain & source flipped
AVR UART header reset circuitry wrong
AVR UART header RX/TX flipped
Electrolytic caps on input against MLCC ringing missing
Test points/header for INA shunt
Rev A Errata:
no test points for voltages ✓
no AVR UART header / test points ✓
missing debug/power LED
bad TPS LDO placement causes EMI issues ✓
bad MOSFET choice (Vgs max 12V) ✓
bad SMPS choice (unstable, latchup issue and high inrush currents)
jumper for raspi enable ✓
optional: crowbar circuit to protect RPi ✓
optional: reverse polarity protection on input ✓