Connects Cloudlog to rigctld / hamlib via PHP
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Connects Cloudlog to rigctld / hamlib via PHP. This allows you to automatically log the used frequency and mode in Cloudlog's Live QSO menu.

Change your parameters in config.php,

// rigctl-specific configuration 
$rigctl_host = "";
$rigctl_port = 4532;

// Cloudlog-specific parameters
$cloudlog_url = "";
$cloudlog_apikey = "p1fgZhGPbWMRaD4Iz5xm";

// displayed in Cloudlogs Live QSO menu
$radio_name = "FT-991a";

// minimum update interval
$interval = 1; 

If you're on Debian (or Ubuntu/similar), you can install everything that is required with: apt install php-cli php-curl

Start the software by running ./rigctlCloudlogInterface.php. If you've downloaded the software as a .zip file instead of cloning it directly from the Git repository, you might have to make the file executable first. This is done by running chmod +x rigctlCloudlogInterface.php.

If you want to run it in the background without an open terminal window, you can run screen ./rigctlCloudlogInterface.php. (this won't work on Windows, sorry!)

If you prefer tmux, use tmux new -s rigctlCloudlog ./rigctlCloudlogInterface.php.

For more information on how-to setup hamlib/rigctld have a look over at the excellent guide written for pat: