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Ruby implementation of 37signals' Campfire API.
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lib Switch to MultiJson so we can run on any JSON.
test Config was renamed to RbConfig starting with Ruby 1.9.
.gitignore Add a gemspec.
.kick Add a speak method to Broach to quickly say something in a room.
.travis.yml Tell Travis to run suite on Ruby 2.1.
Gemfile Require rdoc in the Gemfile to satisfy Travis.
Gemfile.lock Update Gemfile.lock.
LICENSE Improve documentation and add a license. Add Rich Meyers to the list of contributors.
broach.gemspec Bump version to 0.3.0.
settings.yml.sample Add the ability to speak to a room.


Broach is an implementation of the Campfire API. It was written to do incidental notifications from an application. For instance a Subversion post-commit hook or a deploy script.

You can find more information about the API on the Campfire developer site.

Say something real quick

The fastest way to say something in a Campfire room is to set the authentication credentials and use the speak class method.

Broach.settings = {
  'account' => 'myaccount',
  'token'   => 'xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx',
  'use_ssl' => true
Broach.speak('Office', 'Manfred just deployed a new version of the weblog (')


The easiest way to install Broach and its dependencies is to install the gem.

$ gem install broach


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