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An Adventure Time Themed Munchkin level counter. Munchkin is a card game where users have to level as quickly as possible to win. This web app will allow users to keep there stats during the game. (Checkout readme for a bit more info)
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Munchkin (AT) Levelcounter

AT stands for Adventure Time

What is the levelcounter and who is it for?

If you're not familiar with board and card games, you might also not be familiar with Munchkin. Munchkin is a card game where a small group plays with a character of choice and then gathers weapons and so to battle monsters and level as fast as possible to level 10.

This app was made to use alongside the game and keep track of each player's levels.

What the levelcounter also is.

This app is also one of the very first React apps I ever made, so there is definitely room for improvements. (yes, I'm aware) However, a newer version is in the make and will pop online soon.

So just keep an eye out on my twitter feed for the update!

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