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V2 of the accompany app for the munchkin (adventure time) card game
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Munchkin Level counter (V2)

What is the level counter and who is it for?

If you're not familiar with board and card games, you might also not be familiar with Munchkin. Munchkin is a card game where a small group plays with a character of choice and then gathers weapons and so to battle monsters and level as fast as possible to level 10.

This app was made to use alongside the game and keep track of each player's levels.

New features

  • Swap between a character's alter ego
  • Change the player order (before and during a game session)
  • Deal with defeated player
  • Preview and edit your players during game setup

Check out if you want to know about me and my projects.

Bug reports

If something's not working or looking weird on your device, make a new issue here and please provide the following info:

  • A clear description of the problem
  • Info on the browser you're using, device and OS if possible
  • A screenshot if it's a visual issue

The same goes for feature requests, please make an issue stating what is missing and describe it as clear as possible.

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