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Version 3.1.0
Full changelog: v3.1.0.rc1...v3.1.0

* Enchancements:
  * `NetHttpProvider` validates the whitelist hostnames; passing an invalid hostname will raise `ArgumentError`.
  * `NetHttpProvider` supports scheme-less URLs (`//`), defaulting to `https`.


  * Allow user to specify asset providers for referenced assets with full URLs and inline them (#107)
  * Pass `Document` instance to transformation callbacks (#86)
  * Made `nokogiri` dependency more forgiving.
    * Supports `1.5.0`...`1.7.0` now instead of `1.6.0`...`1.7.0`. Some people out there are stuck on this older version of Nokogiri, and I don't want to leave them out.
  * Output better errors when no assets can be found.
    * The error will now show which providers were tried and in which order, along with the error message from the specific providers.
    * `Roadie::FilesystemProvider` shows the given path when inspected.
  * `data-roadie-ignore` attributes will now be removed from markup; hiding "development markers" in the final email.
  * Add a `Roadie::CachedProvider` asset provider that wraps other providers and cache them.
  * Add a `Roadie::PathRewriterProvider` asset provider that rewrites asset names for other providers.
    * This saves you from having to create custom providers if you require small tweaks to the lookup in order to use an official provider.

  * `Roadie::Stylesheet#each_inlinable_block` is now deprecated. You can iterate and filter the `blocks` at your own discresion.


Full changelog: v3.0.4...v3.0.5

* Bug fixes:
  * Don't try to inline external stylesheets. (#106)
  * Don't generate absolute URLs for anchor links. (Mange/roadie-rails#40)


Full changelog: v3.0.3...v3.0.4

* Bug fixes:
  * Schemeless URLs was accepted as-is, which isn't supported in a lot of email clients. (#104)


Release version 3.0.3
* Bug fixes:
  * CSS was mutated when parsed, breaking caches and memoized sources - [Brendan Mulholland (bmulholland)] (Mange/roadie-rails#32)


Full changelog: v3.0.0...v3.0.1
* Enhancements:
  * `CssNotFound` can take a provider which will be shown in error messages.
* Bug fixes:
  * URL rewriter no longer raises on absolute URLs that cannot be parsed by `URI`. Absolute URLs are completely ignored.
  * URL rewriter supports urls without a scheme (like `//`).
  * URL rewriter no longer crashes on absolute URLs without a path (like `myapp://`).
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