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twitto_be is a real-time twitter monitoring dashboard, performing live social network analysis on hashtags.

Installation is a node.js application.

After cloning the repository, follow these steps:

  1. run npm install
  2. Create and complete a params.json file in the root directory, using params-sample.json as a base:
  • ports: the ports express.js and should listen to.
  • monitor: definition of the tweets to monitor, one or more of the following:
    • monitor.description: user-friendly description of the tracked topics.
    • monitor.track: set of keywords to monitor in the twitter streaming API. Phrases may be used - see Twitter's track stream parameter documentation for details (optional).
    • monitor.list: Id of a twitter list whose users' tweets should be monitored (optional)
    • monitor.boundingBox: geolocation coordinates box to monitor in the twitter streaming API (optional).
  • twitter: enter your twitter app credentials.
  • update the other contents of the file as suitable.


run npm start


Deployment scripts are included, you may need to adapt them to your own setup. Edit deploy:prod scripts in package.json to modify the configuration:

  • debian stable linux machine (may work in other unix environments)
  • The application (app.js) is launched and maintained up by a systemd process called node-twitto
  • The application is deployed in the following directory: /home/srv-node-mango/twitto
  • The owner of /home/srv-node-mango/twitto, is user srv-node-mango
  1. Run npm run build
  2. If no error was met in previous step, run npm run deploy:prod

Similar script exists for a test environment ( deploy:test ).


Your participation is welcome.

  • to report bugs, make suggestions or to ask any question, please enter a github issue. Please first perform a search before reporting an issue in order to avoid entering duplicates.
  • to correct issues, improve code, send a pull request. Try to keep your commits clean. If you want to change any significant part of code and want it integrated inside twitto_be, please discuss about it before working on it.