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The DracuLad keyboard

This is a 34-36-key-board.


  • 36 keys, two of them can be replaced by rotary encoders making it support 34-36 keys and 2-4 encoders.
  • bright RGB Underglow with WS2812b LEDs
  • one SSD1306 OLED per side
  • support for the pimoroni trackball
  • powered by QMK-firmware (Firmware has been merged and can be found on the QMK master)
  • aggressive pinky stagger similar to the Kyria but with a slightly alternative thumb cluster to raise comfort for large hands
  • support for MX and Kailh choc v1 switches
  • files for fr4 plate and acrylic bottom plate as well as OLED window

State of the project

  • PCBs are fully working (OLED, LEDs, all switches, encoders, Trackball)
  • acrylic plates have arrived and fit perfectly
  • 3D-printable case has been added thanks to the awesome work of Sadek Baroudi
  • basic ZMK Firmware (not all features implemented yet) exists on my fork of the zmk firmware

Hardware availability

  • hardware availability is always a big problem and ordering everything yourself is a big hustle. Therefore I'm happy to tell you that Ben from keycapsss (not me) is so kind to offer everything to make a full build. And for those of you who are American, littlekeyboards (also not me) also offers kits
  • if you live in a remote area resulting in high shipping costs or problems with importing, gerbers for ordering the PCBs and SVGs for getting plates cut are available in this repo, too

Things to consider before getting a DracuLad

  • for the upper encoder you can't use the really big guitar knobs as they're too wide and will interfere with the OLEDs, the smaller ones are recommended
  • the thumb cluster is lower than on boards like the Corne keyboard
  • liking or disliking a layout is not a matter of how "good" the layout is but mostly preference, hence I recommend looking at a split keyboard comparison site and print out some layouts to confirm you like it. (DracuLad can be found there, too)
  • before purchasing encoders, make sure they fit! The holes in the plate are 12mm x 12mm and won't fit bigger encoders. They're in particular not the size of the switch footprints.

Some pictures to get your mouth watery

glamour shot 1 pimoroni, fr4 glamour shot 1 pimoroni, fr4 glamour shot 1 pimoroni, fr4 glamour shot 1 pimoroni, fr4 glamour shot 1 pimoroni, fr4 glamour shot of 3D printed High Pro case by Sadek Baroudi showcase of both sides showcase of oled cover showcase of underglow oled cover


QMK-powered 34-36 key split keyboard






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