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Preparation for coming AWAE Training.

Work in progress...

2016 Material (31GBs)

Facebook discuss group

Course syllabus

Other resource

Burpsuite how to?

Common web vulnerabilities

Atmail Mail Server Appliance: from XSS to RCE (6.4) CVE-2012-2593

ATutor Authentication Bypass and RCE (2.2.1) CVE-2016-2555

ATutor LMS Type Juggling Vulnerability (<=2.2.1) CVE-?

ManageEngine Applications Manager AMUserResourcesSyncServlet SQL Injection RCE CVE-?

Bassmaster NodeJS Arbitrary JavaScript Injection Vulnerability (1.5.1) CVE-2014-7205

DotNetNuke Cookie Deserialization RCE (<9.1.1) CVE-2017-9822

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